About Us

After years of adventures around the world and rich experience in planning and logistical organization of trips abroad, we decided to establish 'Go-Wild' to provide professional-level service and create trips with a connection and closeness to nature and the local way of life .

We see everything in a slightly different perspective in the way we plan and build our trips. We put a strong emphasis on respecting nature and the traditional way of life, away from the bustle of tourists and worn tracks.

In each and every of our destinations we focus on close ties with the local service providers and the best local guides. Also, we are thoroughly examining the standards of service and training, quality cars and hotels.

Out of respect and appreciation for nature, we do not drive in prohibited trails, not using animals of any kind and nature conservation values ​​are ot top priority. We also respect the local communities - humans and animals, and try to observe the experience and not to disturb it.

To every trip we carry out a risk assessments and forming a strict safety net at highest technological level availvle these days. The use of advanced equipment and satellite communications systems combined with advance planning and training of our tour guides provides a relaxed and safe trips.

Planning routes is done by specialists according to each destination and trip style, challenging activities accompanied by a careful and professional preparation of all parties, including a depth examination of the routes and risks, professional and safe equipment, experienced instructors and and a quality control for Each activity.
Trips leave in small groups, usually around 6-12 travelers in each group, to create an intimate atmosphere and personal service to every traveler.

All trips are customized to the characteristics and composition of the group of travelers, an introductory meeting with a preview tour guide and a deep understanding of the needs of travelers create high-quality tour.

We also provide consulting services to various destinations for the independent traveler by experienced instructors and in a professional planning level.

Our Team

Shahar-Kehat Bar


Shai Agmon

Senior Guide, In Charge of Birding Trips

Yohay Wasserlauf

Birding and Nature Guide

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Gilad Sade

Guide, In Charge of Adventure Trips

Moshe Fekler

Guide of In-Depth Trips

Amit Shapira

Guide, Nepal Expert

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